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About Us

From small Residential to large commercial and industrial spaces
GPC concrete solutions is Manawatu’s most dedicated Professional concrete floor grinding and polishing company. At GPC concrete we offer a range of professional concrete floor polishing and concrete grinding services to homes and businesses across the central and lower north island.
  • Our services include mechanically polished concrete such as the HTC-Superfloor system, grinding and sealing concrete finishes, non-slip surfaces and coatings, surface rectification and repair. Driveways and patios, bush hammering and coatings removals

  • Using state-of-the-art grinding and polishing machines, we can restore tired and worn out concrete floors, resurface damaged concrete and bring just about any concrete surface to a high shine.
  • All of our processes are relatively dust free with an emphasis on safety and eco-friendly processes and materials. Our premium finishes will result in a tough, permanent finish that requires very little in the way of maintenance and can be expected to last decades, even with the heaviest commercial traffic usage.
  • Our Team has years of experience providing professional residential and commercial concrete polishing, sealing, grinding and resurfacing services
  • We have provided concrete polishing and concrete grinding across New Zealand for a range of businesses including pubs and cafes, warehouses, car parks, offices, healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities and more. If you want polished concrete floors anywhere in New Zealand, talk to our friendly team today.

What We Do


All residential, commercial and industrial applications

Concrete polishing

Multiple different types of finishes and looks, new build or existing slabs low to high gloss options.

Simply put, polishing concrete is similar to sanding wood. Heavy-duty HTC polishing machines equipped with progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated segments or disks (akin to sandpaper) are used to gradually grind down surfaces to the desired degree of shine and smoothness whilst using the certified chemicals and processes, we have a massive range of polished concrete finishes from heavy grinds/ maximum stone exposure through to light grind and marble finishes

Concrete Grinding

Prep work, levelling of concrete for carpet, paint or epoxy prep

Concrete grinding and floor prep - old and new floors alike require a slightly ground surface for new products to bind to, along with many other factors such as existing slabs having low or high spots, damaged areas from use or the placing process we can grind your floor flat and get it all ready for its next lease of life 

Coating and glue removals

Grinding off old coatings and paints, uplifting of vinyl, carpet or existing floor coverings

Removal of coatings - Coating removals can be achieved through the use of specially designed diamond tooling for our HTC machines called PCD’s, PCD shoes are specifically manufactured right here in NZ for our conditions and have incredible productivity for removing coatings of any and all sort from less than 1mm thick right up to 30mm in some cases. Following the removal process the floor can be further ground to achieve the finish you are aiming for.

Commercial floor Coatings

A range of commercial coatings for industrial workshops and uses
Our Team of specialist concrete polishers and applicators have a massive range of experience and knowledge in the commercial coatings industry, from decorative epoxy floors through to specially developed products for use in high traffic or high chemical use areas. There are always ample solutions for coating products and our team have the knowledge to provide you with the best solutions time and time again

Outdoor area grinding

Patio grind and seals, driveway grind and seals
Grinding for outdoor areas - there are many reasons one might want to grind an out door area, everything from aesthetics to functionality, Outdoor areas such as pool surrounds, driveways and patios can all be ground to achieve non-slip surfaces as well as have the beautiful exposed natural stone. With the options of clear or tinted sealers, decorative overlays and stencil inlays, the options for outdoor areas are endless. Had a new outdoor area poured that didn’t quite achieve the look you wanted? We can grind and resurface your concrete to the look you want to achieve

Block honing

On site Concrete block honing and sealing
Concrete block honing is a process whereby we remove the material from the face of the block. Block honing exposes the small stones, giving a clean tidy uniform look. The block is then sealed to make it waterproof, this also adds to the domestic appearance. Create a unique aesthetic look with honed masonry with many options in different coloured blocks

Fire hearth and table polishing

Polishing of fire hearths and concrete tables/ bench tops.
Have an existing concrete fire hearth or concrete table? We can use the same process we use for our amazing HTC superfloors to make a beautiful feature piece for your home that will be durable and last a life time. For New builds if this is something you would like, please get in touch in during the design process so we can ensure all the bases are covered to ensure you get the results you want

Concrete repair

Crack injecting, surface repair, concrete hardening
The process or repairing cracked concrete via injecting products into the cracks, depending on the reinforcing holding the concrete together, we can inject/ repair cracks in your concrete driveway, home or commercial use buildings in no time, excessively used concrete floors can wear down over time and become softer, we have a range of products to rejuvenate and repair your floors in all circumstances

Concrete driveways

Removal and reinstatement of concrete driveways
If the option of a decorative overlay or a grind and seal option can’t be achieved due to the concrete being too damaged or past repair, our team can remove and re-instate your entire driveway or patio like brand new again, from start to finish our team of dedicated concrete specialists can look after all your concrete needs.
Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to
Common Questions

How is concrete polished ?

Concrete polishing requires multiple steps beginning with preparation of your concrete floor. Existing damage needs to be repaired before your floor is polished. This includes concrete crack repair. We will also degrease the floor to lift oil stains. Once the floor is prepped, we use progressively finer diamond grinding discs and a special densifying chemical to achieve beautiful results. The densifier seals the pores of the concrete and makes the surface denser to repel water and stains while reducing the risk of spalling and pitting later.

The grinding process will continue until we achieve the finish you’re going for. Concrete polishing can stop at a rougher stage for a matte finish or it can continue until you have a mirror-like shine. We can also add concrete stains and/or dyes to add rich and vibrant colour or earthy mottled effects to your floor.

Why does concrete crack ?

Concrete cracks for many reasons. Some cracks are associated with poor installation. For example, too much water in the concrete mix will reduce the strength of the concrete and cause cracks as the concrete hardens and dries. This causes shrinkage as the excess water evaporates. Concrete that is allowed to dry too fast is also at a greater risk of cracking. Failing to install control joints may also contribute to severe cracks in new concrete.

Even with perfect installation techniques, all concrete will eventually crack. Proper installation does limit this cracking, however, as the concrete is designed to crack along the control joints. When the weather is hot, the concrete can expand and push or pull against anything in its way. When it meets an object that doesn’t give, it can crack.

What are the most important benefits of polished concrete floors?

Polished concrete has a lot to offer commercial property owners and homeowners: 

  • Endless design options. You can customize the sheen and colour and even achieve unique effects and patterns. 
  • Cost-effective. Transform an existing concrete slab into a finished floor system with a low upfront cost
  • Easy to maintain.You don’t need to put a lot of work into maintaining polished concrete and it never needs to be sealed or waxed. 
  • Moisture problems or flooding won’t damage a polished concrete floor.
  • The concrete polishing process is permanent, delivering a floor system that can last a lifetime
  • Concrete polishing actually makes the surface of your concrete densier and less porous. It resists everything from vehicle traffic and abrasion to stains, chemicals, impact, and more.
  • Polished concrete floors are very reflective to instantly brighten any room and reduce the need for additional lighting.
  • doesn’t support Moss & Moulding, as opposed to carpet and floor coverings that trap allergens and dusts 
Can all concrete be polished, even if it’s damaged?

Virtually any concrete floor can be polished as long as it’s in good structural condition. Many forms of damage can be repaired or corrected prior to concrete grinding and polishing in NZ. An existing concrete floor will typically need some surface preparation to remove any coatings, grease, or surface blemishes. While some patching is acceptable, concrete that requires extensive patching or concrete that is very porous may not be a good candidate for polishing.

Why should I polish my concrete floor?

Concrete polishing densifies and strengthens your existing concrete to make it stronger and more resistant to stains and damage. Polished concrete also dramatically improves the appearance of old concrete floors with a bright and reflective surface that can be stained to